Reset Airbag - Service - Date : 15/9/2015
Service reset airbags (airbag)
The effects of air bags as safety for the occupants in the vehicle, reducing potential injuries caused by traffic accidents ra.Tuy However, the use of improper air bag can lead to consequences unpredictable. ASCOM therefore proud to be the pioneer in providing service repair solutions, consulting use to customers.
You do not need costly as replacement box timeout new airbag airbag when your car is in or out of time to use. With service our airbag reset, you can reuse the box under his car airbag zin with the lowest cost and fastest time by a team of professional engineers to directly inspect the car for you.
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The principle of operation of the airbag
The electronic control unit receives signals from the sensors to determine the extent of collision and when the level exceeds the specified value of the cluster center airbag sensor is located in the fuse will blow air bags cheat.
Ignition fuse burning substances, gases and particles create generate a large amount of nitrogen gas for a period of 10 to 40 milliseconds, it will create an air bag for the head and chest avoid passenger door direct impact into the car hardware. Then blow yourself quickly in order not to trapped passengers.



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