Repair and Unlock ECU - Service - Date : 8/8/2014
We are proud to be the pioneer in the field of supply and repair of hardware; Renew / unlock and data recovery control boxes used for German cars: Audi, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes ...
Besides providing electronic control device old / new German premium cars such as engine control box, gearbox, ABS, Airbag, BCM2, Kessy, SAM, CAS, EIS, ESL ... We also receive repairs, Renew / Unlock, install and restore data loi.Gio here with very little cost only 30% of the company, you can still possesses the quality of spare parts as renewable How your vehicle. The spare parts used by us have a clear origin. Entire offered by insurance companies in Europe and America, ensuring well functioning before being disassembled. After the test run using the device emulator and check the stability, the software will be refreshed and restored to manufacturer default.
 We also accept orders for new genuine spare parts with the best price, guaranteed fast delivery time possible.
A - The services provided include:
1. Hardware services:
Repair, measurement test set circuit of bi.Thay that damaged components with the lowest price and the best quality. Ensuring stability in the long run.
2. Software services:
- Renew / Unlock: The advanced control devices are not reusable after having installed in other vehicles. But with this service, the device will be restored and new data on the initial state ready for installation in your car.
- Install, coding, flashing the control box using genuine software for online account
- Provide pincode kinds.
- Tuning the engine map box (Lift / Reduction of engine power)
B- list boxes available in large quantities:
1. Audi, Bentley: Control Box Engine, Gearbox, BCM2, ABS, Kessy, Airbag ...
2. BMW: Box engine, gearbox, EWS2..3, CAS 2 ... 4 +, FZV, ABS, Airbag ...
3. Mercedes: Box Engine, Gearbox, EIS, ESL, SAM, CGW, ABS, Airbag ...
With modern equipment imported from Europe and the manufacturer's Account Online. Besides reading devices, fix code along with a staff of professional training in the field of software and security control in the UK. We are committed to bring you a perfect service.
Please contact us to get the best support.

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