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To meet the demand for repair and replacement of security equipment and electronic control systems for luxury cars line a new life. With a team of engineers to be trained from Europe and the cooperation of the world's leading company in the field of security technology and provides car keys as: Advanced Diagnostic, JMA, SILCA, Autodata, Instarcode, Hex ... We are proud to bring you the products, the best service and the only one in Vietnam.

Before you lose the key, you want to add the key, or simply want to change and the key to its shell, the system ECU, IMMO or watch your speedometer malfunction does not work, you pull into genuine concern for the high costs, lost time waiting and complicated procedures ... Now everything is very simple, please contact us. With key resources and ECU genuine diversity available, we will help you solve the same day with the lowest cost and the genuine quality.

We are the only company to date can handle for the new high-end cars have moved most complex security such as: BMW, MERCEDES-BENZ, AUDI, PORSCHE, LEXUS, LAND ROVER, CHEVROLET ...

When you need to buy a new car, used car sale or change vehicles, mortgage car finance needs, please contact us. With substantial financial resources and source code form car multiple categories, we will meet all your needs.

In addition we are also a supplier of equipment, diagnostic software for the latest genuine ACCOUNT ONLINE car and that car manufacturers are using. Very happy if stand and support business in your garage for your car.

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